Bachelor of Arts with Honours in International Culinary Arts

Paid Internship

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in International Culinary Arts
Paid Internship (optional)

Bachelor of Arts with Honours

in International Culinary Arts

22 Weeks

This advanced programme is suitable for those who have already completed Higher Diploma or a UK Associate Degree in International Culinary Arts or equivalent. Tuition has both practical and academic elements preparing our graduates to cope with the demands and challenges of the professional kitchen. With a 70% focus on theoretical skills and 30% practical based, the emphasis is on state of the art technical skills and transferable advanced business and management skills to enable you to work at the highest professional levels.

Concentrating on modern day gastronomy, students will be challenged to develop new culinary products suitable for today's marketplace. Students will graduate from this programme equally well equipped to manage their own culinary business or run and work in the kitchen of a high-end restaurant or hotel.


  • ICI Higher Diploma or equivalent
  • English proficiency: IELTS 5.5 or equivalent

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  • BA with Honours in International Culinary Arts awarded by IMI, Switzerland
  • BA with Honours in International Culinary Arts awarded by Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Core units: 120 credits
Credits: 10

The unit covers a number of subjects that inform students of the necessities to succeed in today’s competitive job market. The unit explores workplace competencies that will help students stand out in a future profession. Additionally, students will reflect on their future career based on theoretical, practical and personal progression.

Credits: 10

This unit guides students through the application of leadership theories and practices within the hospitality and service sectors.  It focuses on the nature of hospitality management and the traits and skills of effective leaders. It also covers how leaders can be made and how they express their leadership and values. Students are offered challenges in personal development and case studies illustrate ideas explored during the unit.

Credits: 20

Digital Culinary Business Applications is a comprehensive, integrated information system unit designed to manage various aspects of information technology within the hospitality industry. This course examines current systems and technological trends and as well the huge impact of recent Web2.0 technologies and concepts on operations and marketing of the hospitality industry.

Credits: 20

This unit will introduce students to modern day approaches to gastronomy in response to changes in consumer lifestyle and consumption patterns.

Credits: 40

This research project is a sustained, in-depth and independent piece of work into the development of a new food product for an identified target market. Based on theoretical approaches and exercises on new product development students will combine practical skills, entrepreneurial principles and marketing theory to develop, produce, and launch a new food product for a consumer market segment.

Credits: 20

This classroom-based unit will explore the history of gastronomy and examine the importance of food to culture, society, health and personal identity.


"My passion for the restaurant business and culinary arts developed tenfold after my studies here at IMI."

Pranav Yogesh

from India , graduated in 2019

I feel that the warm and welcoming ambience of the school escalated my growth as an individual and helped me make strong bonds, both with friends and industry professionals. I couldn’t have asked for a better four years!


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